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Board Meeting Agenda – 28 July 2021 6:00pm, Pavilion

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RST Community Statement

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RST Development backed by Albemarle County Planning Commission

June 22, 2021

Read the Daily Progress article after a 6-1 vote on the approval of the RST Development.  Next stop: Albemarle County Board of Supervisors.  Date not announced.

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RST Development – Comments for Planning Commission 15 June 2021 Meeting; Zoom link for meeting

JUNE 10, 2021

These are our official comments on the revised RST proposal:   FLCA/Hollymead comments for Planning Commission meeting on 15 June 2021 This has been submitted to the Planning Commission for the Tuesday 15 June 6 PM virtual meeting / hearing.   Traffic scenarios here and traffic slides here

We encourage all residents to send your own comments to – covering whatever topics you wish – though better if in the context of the updated proposal, moreso than just a restatement of comments already provided.  Kindly copy so we can keep a master of all this.  You will see that we have focused our comments on the top tier issues – as that is the best way to get them the attention they deserve.

Feel free to forward this material to your friends and neighbors, as we would all be affected by this, regrettably.

Here is the zoom link for the Planning Commission meeting at 6:00, Tuesday, June 15




JUNE 4, 2021  

Please see below revised plans provided by the applicant for ZMA2020-00007, RST Residences. The documents include both “clean” versions and red-line versions identifying the changes that were made. Changes include the reduction of the maximum number of proposed dwelling units from 340 to 332, with eight of the townhouse-style units being removed. In addition, the buffer area along the southeast side of the property (adjacent to Ashland Townhomes) has been increased from 20 feet to 40 feet in width. Proposed storm water management facility locations have also been labelled more clearly.

This set is the final set of plans that will be presented to the Planning Commission when this application returns to that body for consideration on Tuesday, June 15th, at 6:00pm.  Plans are being made with a small group to organize and present the FLCA position – a bit different than the 30 presenters (that were very effective) we had at the last Planning Commission meeting.

RST Residences – ZMA Application Narrative (rev. 6.1.2021)

RST Residences – ZMA Application Narrative (redline)

RST Residences – Revised Plans (6.1.2021) (with revision clouds)

RST Residences – Substitution Requests (revised 6.1.2021)

RST Residences – Substitution Requests (redline)

RST Residences – Special Exception Application Narrative 6.1.2021

RST Residences – Special Exception Application Narrative  (redline)

Here is an UPDATED article (updates noted in red) from June’s Forest Lakes Newsletter – it includes a link on HOW YOU CAN HELP by sending an email to the Planning Commission.  In order to use the hyperlinks in this document, you will need to open them.

Should you have further questions, please email or


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RST Development Take 2 – Plan Resubmission by RST

April 28, 2021

Below, please find the documents received regarding the resubmission of plans by RST Development for the corner of Ashwood Blvd and Rte 29.  Docs are being reviewed by Scott Elliff and a game plan will be conveyed on “what’s next”.  If you are not on the RST email list and wish to be, please email





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RST Development – Post Planning Commission Meeting on March 2, 2021

March 3, 2021

RECORDED SESSION OF THE MARCH 2, 2021 Planning Commission Meeting    You will need to go down to “Meeting Materials” section on the page and then click on “Recording”.  The meeting starts at around 17 minutes in.

FOREST LAKES (Hardcopy) PRESENTATION to the Planning Commission   Part 1      Part 2

DAILY PROGRESS 7 March 2021 “Lake Forest Area Residents Brought Fight Against Development to Another Level” 

DAILY PROGRESS 3 March 2021 “Rezoning for Proposed Development Deferred After Outcry From Forest Lakes”

NBC 29 NEWS Broadcast 2 March 2021:


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January 19, 2021

1.  Please watch a short presentation (link below) by FLCA Board Member Scott Elliff regarding the proposed development on the corner of Ashwood Blvd and Rte 29 by RST Development.  This video shows potential impact on Forest Lakes and vicinity to include scope/scale, schools, traffic.  Update: 

Update 2.5.2021:  The proposed tree buffer adjoining the Ashland townhouses is smaller than previously thought, at only 20 feet – which will lead to the slow death of most or all of the mature trees there.  Along Ashwood the buffer is effectively zero as the developer would bulldoze the berms and all the trees along that side as seen in the video. 

Other issues, with supporting materials, are still being developed on:  environment, compliance with county standards, future precedent and more. Please sign up for special email group to receive updates on these issues and how your voice can be heard by emailing  You’ll receive all future updates on this project.

Click here to view the video.

2.  This is what the proposed development could look like if you live in Ashland…….


4.     Daily Progress LETTER TO THE EDITOR 2.7.2021

        Daily Progress LETTER TO THE EDITOR 2.17.2021

        Daily Progress LETTER TO THE EDITOR 2.23.2021

Please comment on the letters online – takes less than a minute to open an account and voice your opinion!

5.  Scott Elliff on I LOVE CVILLE – Watch HERE.  Scott begins at time: 49.36.


Below are original Plans submitted by RST Development to the Albemarle Planning Commission:

RST Zoning Map Amendment dated 5.18.2020 

RST Zoning Map Amendment Application Narrative dated 5.18.2020 Revised 8.17.2020

RST Special Exception Application Revised 8.17.2020

RST Traffic Analysis 8.17.2020

RST Attorney Representative Valerie Long response 8.17.2020






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DMV in Forest Lakes – UPDATE

The next DMV visit to Forest Lakes is scheduled for July 12 AND July 13th by reservation only.  Please call the FLCA office at 434.973.4596 to make a reservation.

Please do not come early for your appointment (or late!).

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