Selling Your Home

We hate to see you go!  But if you must, all homeowners are required by the Virginia Homeowner’s Act to provide an FLCA Disclosure Packet to potential buyers. The packet contains a variety of legal documents, the budget and related materials, and confirms the status of assessment payments (past due assessments will be deducted at settlement).

In accordance with the Virginia Homeowner’s Act, an exterior inspection of your home will be done by Community Group to identify to your buyer any exterior improvements that have a prior ARB approval on file and that the exterior condition is in compliance with FLCA RULES AND REGULATIONS. If there are ARB violations, this will also be noted and should be rectified by the seller before ownership is transferred.

All disclosure packet transactions are done online.  To order a disclosure packet:

1.  Go to and log in. If you are a new user, please see new user registration directions here.

2.  From the dashboard, you can search by unit address OR community name (unit address is preferred).

3.  After selecting a unit or community, you will be directed to the marketplace page. Select the product you are interested in and click “view details".

4.  Once you have selected a product, click on “order now".

From there you will need to enter your information.  Have the documents emailed to you to avoid postage costs.  If you have a realtor, they may order the documents for you. For a full printed copy of the ordering instructions, click here.

Typical turn-around time to receive your documents is 7-10 business days.  If necessary, a “rush” can be put on the order for an additional fee.

In addition, if you own property that has a sub-association, you will need to obtain the required Disclosure Packet for your sub-association. For all subassociations other than Gateway, the website to order disclosure packets is For Gateway residents, go to