The Forest Lakes Community Association (FLCA) is the homeowner’s association for Forest Lakes. The purpose of the Association is to manage and maintain the common area, including our lakes, trails, sport fields, pools, tennis courts, fitness center and other amenities. The FLCA also establishes and enforces the covenants and restrictions. As part of this process, the Association is responsible for levying and collecting assessments to pay for expenses and to maintain sufficient reserves for future community needs.


Every homeowner within Forest Lakes is a member of the Association.  All owners have an undivided ownership interest in the common areas within Forest Lakes, including pools, trails, lakes, tennis courts, fitness center and buildings.


Please note that the Arbor Lakes, Gateway, Worth Crossing, Willowbend, Ravenswood, Ravenscroft, Ashland, Timberwood Square and Springridge neighborhoods are also members of sub-associations and pay additional assessments.

Commercial Properties

A number of commercial properties in the north end of Forest Lakes are also a part of the Association and pay assessment that are determined by a strict formula based on square footage of space.  


Association assessments are levied on each household within Forest Lakes.  These assessments pay the Association’s expenses including liability insurance, common area and facilities maintenance, landscaping, signs, security patrols, postage, management fees and other expenses necessary to maintain the community.

Beginning January 2024, assessments are $1,240.00, paid in quarterly installments of $310.00 due the first of January, April, July and October.  This amount includes trash pickup.

Homeowners receive an annual coupon book at the beginning of each year with 4 coupons – one for each quarterly assessment. Please be reminded that quarterly payments received after the 15th of the month will incur a Notice Fee.  Further collection notices will also incur fees.  See the collection policy approved by the Board of Directors.

Residents have the following assessment payment options

Sub-Association Assessments

In addition to FLCA members, the sub-associations listed above are also members of their neighborhood sub-associations and pay additional assessments. Depending on the neighborhood, assessments pay for items such as exterior maintenance (siding, roof), private streets and parking lot maintenance, paving and plowing, mowing and landscaping, and other expenses that are unique to those neighborhoods.  Homeowners can see who manages your sub-association by going to the Forest Lakes contacts

Our Amenities

We have:

  • 1455 homes
  • 2 community pools
  • 4 hard surface courts located at the South Recreational Facility (all lighted)
  • 6 clay surface courts located at the North Recreational Facility (four lighted)
  • 2 sports fields – one at the North Facility, one at the South Facility
  • A Fitness Center located at the South Facility
  • miles of paved trails
  • Basketball Courts
  • Volleyball Courts located at the South Facility
  • 2 clubhouses available for rent, by Forest Lakes residents only, located at the North facility.  For reservation inquiries, call the FLCA office at 434.973.4596